Parish Overview

Parish History: St Terrence Parish has its roots in community – a group of Alsip residents banded together to persuade the Archdiocese of Chicago to establish a parish in their village. Alsip residents who moved to the growing village in the 50’s and early 60’s united in their quest for a parish. On July 14, 1966, Archbishop Cody authorized Father Eugene Riordan to establish a parish in the vicinity of Alsip. In its beginning years, the parish celebrated Sunday masses at Marist High School. The Church and Parish Center were built and dedicated on March 7, 1971.

Patron Saint: According to the information received when the parish was established, St. Terrence was a first century Roman martyr. One of the early bishops of the Church, he served as head of the Christian community of Iconium. Some modern scholars and hagiographers speculate that he might be identified with the Tertius mentioned by St. Paul in his Letter to the Romans. According to his legend, he was an officer in the Roman Army during the 1st century. He witnessed the death sentencing of Saints John and Paul. He became a convert, and was martyred himself, possibly also with his son.

Current Situation: Currently, St Terrence Parish serves over 2,150 households. While a majority of those households live in Alsip, Garden Homes, or Merrionette Park (all 60803), approximately 12% of those households attending St Terrence live outside of the immediate area. Demographic data indicates about 71% of the total population in Alsip is White, and 12% of the population is Hispanic. Black, Asian and 2 more races account for 16% of the population.