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Archdiocese of Chicago

Corona Virus Prayer





Lord Jesus, you speak to us today, 
as you spoke to holy men and women 
who have gone before us. 
In every age and in our own time, 
you call to us and say: Renew My Church. 

Pour out the gift of your Holy Spirit upon us, 
and so enable us;
   to hear you clearly 
    to listen to each other attentively 
    to imagine our future boldly 
    to discern your direction wisely 
    to persevere in your holy will courageously 
    to stay together in charity 
    to surrender our own plans readily 
    to embrace the greater good 
    to hand on your gifts to future generations. 

May we remain in the holy company of 
the Blessed Virgin Mary, the apostles and all the saints. 
May their example and presence 
inspire us with patient confidence 
in the work of your grace. 

We ask this of you who live and reign 
with the Father 
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, 
forever and ever. Amen 
Courtesy  of the Archdiocese of Chicago





Faith Formation in-person meetings have started


Tues 9/21-    3rd grade

Wed 9/22-    2nd grade

Mon 9/27 -    5th grade

Wed 9/29    -    4th grade

Meetings will be held in the church from 6-7pm, 

and student and parent will attend together.

We look forward to growing in faith as families!

Kids in Church

Saint Terrence Parish Pictorial Directory.

Featuring the families of St. Terrence Parish. 

Monday, Sept 27th: 2- 8:30pm

Tuesday, Sept 28th:  2 – 8:30pm

Wednesday, Sept 29th:  2 – 8:30pm

Thursday, Sept 30th:  2 – 8:30pm

Friday, Oct 1st:   2- 8:30pm

Saturday, Oct 2nd:   10:30am – 4pm


Volunteers will be at the back of the Church

to help parishioners sign up for our

Parish pictorial directory.


You can also sign up here

Parish Pastoral Council

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From the desk of the Pastor


Dear Parishioners of St. Terrence,


Renew My Church: The Journey of Renewal


At the heart of our Renew My Church efforts is the renewal of

vital, sustainable parishes that have the leadership, resources,

and vision necessary to create an effective culture of evangelization that

makes disciples,

builds communities and inspires witness. This requires prayerful discernment

and challenging conversations on our part. It also necessitates great trust that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, will lead us to where He wants us to go.


As we’ have shared, our parish is working with St. Alexanders

and Incarnation Parish as one group to discern and provide
input into how we can best structure our parishes and ministries
to make disciples, build community, and inspire witness.


Together, we are working through three stages on a shared journey of renewal:

  1. Discernment & Decisions: This is the phase we are starting now. The Grouping Feedback and Discernment Team (GFDT) will reflect upon potential scenarios of how our local parishes and schools may be organized differently in the future and develop potential ideas to achieve the mission imperatives. This stage concludes when Cardinal Cupich makes his final decisions regarding any structural changes affecting the grouping.

  2. Organizational Transition: Once decisions are made that result in structural/ organizational changes to the grouping, a dedicated support team from the Archdiocese works on-site to help pastors manage the transition - both the pastoral accompaniment to walk with people through this time of change and operational transition to ensure new parishes have strong, sustainable operational foundations, upon which the great work of ministry can be built to achieve our mission imperatives.

  3. Building the New Reality: At this point in the process, with the structural, operational, financial, and personnel foundations in place, the grouping will focus its efforts on vibrantly living out the three imperatives. At the core will be a culture of evangelization that supports the work of making disciples, building community, and inspiring witness. This will be a journey over the next several years in our parish.

Along this journey, our Good Shepherd guides our steps. He is with us always and assures us in the Gospel, “My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (Jn 10:27-30). It’s on us to keep our ears open and to listen with our hearts throughout this process.


St. Terrence Renew My Church Team

( Courtesy: Archdiocese of Chicago)


As always, for more information, visit RenewMyChurch.org, ask me or one of the RMC team members.


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Saturday  5:00 PM

Sunday 9:00 AM &  11:00 AM



4:00-4:40 PM

Mon- Wed- Thu- Fri

 8:45 AM

"Go, make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all that I commanded you and know that I will be with you until the end of the age". 

Matthew  28:29

St. Terrence Church
4300 West 119th Place, Alsip, IL,60803


Welcome to St. Terrence Website. We are glad you have visited  us. The Parish community of St. Terrence comprises of 2150 Catholic families in Alsip, a west suburb of Chicago. Even though the size seems quite large, it’s a close knit community. We seek to be a place where we form a welcoming parish family, and live out our baptismal call to follow our Master and Lord. We wish that you join our Parish family.



In addition to our weekend and daily Masses, we pray  Rosary after Morning Masses, Eucharistic adoration on Fridays in Lent and Advent from 9:15 am to 7:00 pm concluding with a Benediction. Confessions are heard from 4:00 PM to 4: 40 PM on Saturdays. In Lent we do a 3 day parish mission

Every baptized Catholic is called to the mission of Jesus. Ministries enrich St. Terrence  Parish. It gives every parishioner an opportunity to do what Jesus commanded us to do, to follow his path and  love everyone. Parishioners volunteer their time for  various ministries in the parish.  Please check the website for a list of ministries.

St. Terrence is an active parish community of dedicated parishioners who strive to live out their call to discipleship. Our weekend liturgies are well attended with uplifting music and focus given to prayer and reflection. Our  parishioners give their time and talent to make a difference in this world.  As disciples of Jesus we seek to live our lives for him who was crucified for our salvation.

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