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O Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, in this time of trial we turn to you.  As our Mother, you love us and know us: no concern of our hearts is hidden from you.  Mother of mercy, how often we have experienced your watchful care and your peaceful presence!  You never cease to guide us to Jesus, the Prince of Peace.Therefore, O Mother, hear our prayer.....

Star of the Sea, do not let us be shipwrecked in the tempest of war.
Ark of the New Covenant, inspire projects and paths of reconciliation.
Queen of Heaven, restore God’s peace to the world.
Eliminate hatred and the thirst for revenge, and teach us forgiveness.
Free us from war, protect our world from the menace of nuclear weapons.
Queen of the Rosary, make us realize our need to pray and to love.
Queen of the Human Family, show people the path of fraternity.
Queen of Peace, obtain peace for our world. ....


Through your intercession, may God’s mercy be poured out on the earth and the gentle rhythm of peace return to mark our days..... In your womb Jesus took flesh; help us to foster the growth of communion.  You once trod the streets of our world; lead us now on the paths of peace.  Amen.



Congratulations to our first communicants


Dear Parishioners, 


please find the  Explanation of the Decree of Unification of St. Terrence and  Incarnation.



In this weekend’s bulletin and at the end of this article

you will see a decree signed by Cardinal Cupich. A decree is a pronouncement or

document that formalizes a decision within the Church. In this case, the decree included here concerns the

decision for our

parishes to unify as a new parish after our grouping’s Renew My Church discernment.

The decree states that Incarnation and St. Terrence will form a new parish on July 1, 2022. The decree states the new parish will have an ad interim name. This means that the parish will be called Incarnation and St. Terrence Parish until

we propose a new name to Cardinal Cupich for his consideration and approval. Continuing with the combined name is an option. Each church building retains its name.

When you read the decree, you will notice the decree states Incarnation Church will be the

parish church of the new parish and that the churches of Incarnation Parish and St. Terrence Parish will be churches of the new parish.

A couple of notes on this:

When two or more parishes unite as one parish, Rome requires that the united parish’s sacramental

records be kept in one place and for that location to be designated in the decree as the parish church. Practically

speaking, the location of sacramental records is the only implication of the parish church designation. In the future the sacramental records of the united parish, as well as the past sacramental records of each of Incarnation and

St. Terrence will be maintained at the offices on the Incarnation campus. For the current time, each parish’s records

will remain at their current locations, and updates will be provided when the records are brought together at the

office on the Incarnation campus. 

Second, the decree states that each of the churches of Incarnation and St. Terrence will be churches of the new parish.

When a new parish is formed, all of the assets of each former parish become part of the new parish. This includes the churches. As shared at the announcement in January, both Incarnation Church and St. Terrence Church will continue to

have a regular schedule for Mass. The specific Mass schedule after July 1 is an important topic to be discussed with parish leadership in the coming weeks.

Regarding the name of the new parish, there will be a process to include everyone. We will keep you updated on

the timeline of when this process to consider a parish name will begin.

Let us hold fast to the Lord’s promise that He is with us always, and trust in the fact that He is at work in

a special way within our faith community and is creating something new for all of us.  


Fr.  Tomy Abraham 

Please read the Decree   here

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"Go, make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all that I commanded you and know that I will be with you until the end of the age". 

Matthew  28:29

St. Terrence Church
4300 West 119th Place, Alsip, IL,60803

Welcome to St. Terrence Website. We are glad you have visited  us. The Parish community of St. Terrence comprises of 2150 Catholic families in Alsip, a west suburb of Chicago. Even though the size seems quite large, it’s a close knit community. We seek to be a place where we form a welcoming parish family, and live out our baptismal call to follow our Master and Lord. We wish that you join our Parish family.



In addition to our weekend and daily Masses, we pray  Rosary after Morning Masses, Eucharistic adoration on Fridays in Lent and Advent from 9:15 am to 7:00 pm concluding with a Benediction. Confessions are heard from 4:00 PM to 4: 40 PM on Saturdays. In Lent we do a 3 day parish mission

Every baptized Catholic is called to the mission of Jesus. Ministries enrich St. Terrence  Parish. It gives every parishioner an opportunity to do what Jesus commanded us to do, to follow his path and  love everyone. Parishioners volunteer their time for  various ministries in the parish.  Please check the website for a list of ministries.

St. Terrence is an active parish community of dedicated parishioners who strive to live out their call to discipleship. Our weekend liturgies are well attended with uplifting music and focus given to prayer and reflection. Our  parishioners give their time and talent to make a difference in this world.  As disciples of Jesus we seek to live our lives for him who was crucified for our salvation.


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