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Reflection on the year of St. Joseph

Sunday Mass from Holy Name Cathedral



Girl at First Communion

Congratulations and prayers to the
first communicants and their families.
May the intercession of St. Terrence watch over and protect you


Save the date! Come view the next episode  of the compelling series “The Chosen”.

June 16, 2021 at 7:00 pm at Riordan center.

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St. Terrence Parish pictorial directory. featuring the families of St. Terrence Parish. Details awaited.
Organized by the Pastoral Council 


From the desk of the Pastor

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost. This marks the fiftieth day after Easter Sunday, the day the Holy Spirit descended upon Christ’s disciples and filled them with inspiration and hope. The Apostles then came together as a group to continue the journey to preach and teach the Gospel of our Lord. The Apostles were mere men with weaknesses and imperfections like anyone of us, but were perfected with the coming of the Holy Spirit.  The Apostles continued to spread the word despite the risks of armed Roman soldiers or other enemies they could encounter.  Their focus and mission were to spread Jesus’s message. This history reminds us of the struggles the Apostles and the early Christian community endured in making new disciples of Christ. 


The Church will continue in this mission of preaching and teaching the Gospel until the end of time. The world is not always friendly to those who preach Jesus’ message. Even today the modern day disciples can face hostilities. Even in so called Christian majority countries the dangers are many for preaching and practicing our faith not to mention the hardships faced by Christians in other countries that are not friendly at all. Even with the divisions and turmoil the Church had to face for the last 2000 years the Church continues to bring Jesus’ message forward. The Holy Spirit continues to bring forth men and women filled with courage and zeal to preach Christ. We clearly know that the Church has never been without internal and external struggles and it will continue to be as long as we exist. There exists this human element of self-seeking, the desire to rule over without any personal sacrifice. With its failures and mistakes the Church has had in the past and at present it continues its mission. Historically we find that God has always raised up men and women to lead and guide the Church in its darkest moments. 


During the worst times of this Pandemic, Christians and missionaries continued to reach out to many people especially the poorest of society with care, medical supplies and food where the Government would not have reached. Often those places are inaccessible and challenging locations to live. But Christs love is brought to them by Christians especially in underdeveloped parts of our world. Those of us who are not able to reach out to the less fortunate in person or those of us that are not in the forefront of preaching the Gospel can support the mission of Jesus with our financial resources. From time to time, we do receive envelopes from the Archdiocese or we take second collections for various purposes like Operations Rice Bowl, Peters Pence, Catholic Charities, Holy Land, Church in Latin America to name a few.  


All of us, as disciples of our Lord can take part in His mission in ways possible with our prayers and with our financial support. May the Holy Spirit who descended on the Apostles this day and inaugurated the Church with its mission continue to inspire us with zeal and love for the Gospel and may our Church stand as a living witness of the Gospel until He comes.

Fr. Tomy Abraham 

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"Go, make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all that I commanded you and know that I will be with you until the end of the age". 

Matthew  28:29

St. Terrence Church

4300 West 119th Place, Alsip, IL,60803


Welcome to St. Terrence Website. We are glad you have visited  us. The Parish community of St. Terrence comprises of 2150 Catholic families in Alsip, a west suburb of Chicago. Even though the size seems quite large, it’s a close knit community. We seek to be a place where we form a welcoming parish family, and live out our baptismal call to follow our Master and Lord. We wish that you join our Parish family.


In addition to our weekend and daily Masses, we pray  Rosary after Morning Masses, Eucharistic adoration on Fridays in Lent and Advent from 9:15 am to 7:00 pm concluding with a Benediction. Confessions are heard from 4:00 PM to 4: 40 PM on Saturdays. In Lent we do a 3 day parish mission

Every baptized Catholic is called to the mission of Jesus. Ministries enrich St. Terrence  Parish. It gives every parishioner an opportunity to do what Jesus commanded us to do, to follow his path and  love everyone. Parishioners volunteer their time for  various ministries in the parish.  Please check the website for a list of ministries.

St. Terrence is an active parish community of dedicated parishioners who strive to live out their call to discipleship. Our weekend liturgies are well attended with uplifting music and focus given to prayer and reflection. Our  parishioners give their time and talent to make a difference in this world.  As disciples of Jesus we seek to live our lives for him who was crucified for our salvation.

On Sunday, May 30th we held our annual May crowning. For the entire month of May we prayed the Rosary for an end to the Global Pandemic. May the intercession of our Blessed Mother watch over and lead us to her Son Jesus




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